Under this project (pen, pad to end period poverty), free sanitary pads were distributed to almost 300 adolescent girls in the region who missed school because of their menstrual period and from low-income families which normally engaged in transactional sex to get money to buy pads which further predispose to them HIV/AIDS, teenage pregnancy, unsafe abortion as they are not able to negotiate with their partners to use protection. These proposed activities normally also exposed these girls to early marriage. The Initiative also organizes training (menstrual hygiene management) and question-and-answer sessions to give the adolescent girl a forum to discuss issues relating to menstrual hygiene. This is to prevent adolescent girls from being left behind and from dropping out of school. This project will be on-going and is envisioned to reach all adolescents girls who cannot afford a sanitary pad in the region to end period poverty. This will be achieved in the sense that girls will no longer have to use unhygienic materials like old pieces of cloth or old newspapers that most of them are currently using during their menses.