About us

We are a Youth Network committed to gender, Reproductive and health Advocacy

We address the issues of teenage pregnancies, unsafe abortions, sexual violence and early marriage. We want to empower girls to achieve equality. We promote quality education and free compulsory education for girls, as well as ending period poverty, ensuring girls have access to menstrual hygiene facilities in schools.

Gray-Network has organised several conferences and stakeholder meetings to rally support girls by creating a platform where policymakers, parents, teachers, community members, etc. – and the girls themselves – can discuss the situation, challenges and practical solutions on how to eliminate the issues girls face.

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen the leadership, power, and voices of girls from marginalized and underserved communities, provide exposure, mentorship for girls and to develop them into socially conscious global leaders. We are creating a world in which girls have no limits on their aspirations for the future, no matter where they are born.

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