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GRAY Network is an advocacy group formed by volunteer youths around the globe. GRAY network seeks to advocate for the meaningful partnership in all policies and programs relating to sexual and reproductive health right, violence against women and girls, quality education, gender equality for young people at all levels in Ghana and beyond. We also aim at creating forums for dialogues and cooperation for young people on Human Rights, including sexual and reproductive health rights. GRAY network will not only inculcate advocacy skills to young people of the world but will create awareness amongst the youth and multi- stakeholders to advocate for their rights without any fear.

Our mission is: To help young people develop quality life by campaigning for the protection and promotion of sexual and reproductive rights in Ghana and the world as a whole. To achieve gender equality, promote quality education and eradication of violence against young people through advocacy, litigation and public campaigns in order to guarantee better early and future life for youth in the world.

A just, equitable and sustainable environment (world), where young people enjoy the rights to sexual and reproductive health, quality education, gender equality and freedom from all forms of violence and oppression.


Advocacy, counselling and education in the following areas:

  • Gender equality
  • Unsafe abortion
  • Unsafe sex
  • Teenage Pregnancy
  • The use of Contraceptives
  • Violence against girls and woman
  • Maternal mortality and morbidity
  • Cancer (breast and cervical)
  • Psychological aspect of sexual Relationship issues
  • Sexual abuse
  • Early child marriage
  • Menstrual health
  • Quality education
  • Climate change
  • Peace and security

You can be a member of this group by filling the membership form via the website. Please, our membership is strictly for those who are willing to work towards the realization of our vision and mission

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